Here you can find links to many social media sites where I am present. Please feel free to add me to any of these! I am easier to contact via Twitter or leaving me a message on Skype. Have in mind I take time to reply since I work as doctor during weekdays!

yue_nagareboshi - Please identify yourself on the contact request.

Mario.MD - Personal account.

UTAU bot - Nagareboshi Yue's bot account. Current status is deactivated.

Mario.MD NOTEBOOK - Blog used to post about voicebanks status, my works, and other articles related to singing synthetizers.

Mario.MD Gallery - Personal blog with illustrations made by me. 

Mario.MD - Account where covers in progress are posted. Oftenly I reblog works by other users so they can be known by my followers!

Mario.MD Channel - Finished works are posted here.

User Page - Main NND page.

My List - Reprints from YouTube posted by me.

My Gallery - Artwork is posted on this site too.